Shawn Blume—Website

Shawn wanted to have a website that conveyed the personal touch he provides each of his clients. A typical corporate, business site was simply not going to do the trick. We used photos of Shawn and projects he worked on along with tons of great testimonials to give the site a personal feel.

Opportunity ›

Create a website to help existing customers and potential customers quickly find important information about Shawn and his business expertise in surety bonds.

Challenge ›

Make the site slick and professional reflecting Shawn's skillful approach but make sure it still has that personal touch and feel.

Solution ›

We used many photos of projects Shawn had worked on because we felt that they would be a meaningful way of reassuring potential customers that Shawn has great knowledge and experience.

Nuts and bolts ›

Photoshop, Dreamweaver, JavaScript.



Each of the pages was designed to have Shawn's contact information always accessible and easy to read.


Clients love him

So we let them speak “loud and clear” at the top of each page.