Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Home Run

How to become “Search Rank Number One” on Google

Step 1: IMAGINE.
Shawn Blume’s business is construction surety bonds and he’s based in Southern California. He is the expert in his field. I know it, and now, you know it. When we built we imagined spreading this critical information so the world could know it as well!

Step 2: COMPILE.
To move beyond imagination, we set to work collecting great content—project photos, useful information, and compelling testimonials.

Step 3: CREATE.
Everyone knows great content is often ignored or unnoticed unless the presentation is interesting, intuitive, and inviting. Designing the website with these guiding principles made all the difference.

Every detail on the site is included for a reason and optimized for search engine success. When you run a small business like Shawn does, you understand the significance of taking care of the details—for your clients, and for yourself—and when you do it right, everyone wins.

We keep an eye on Google analytics to see what keywords are working, what pages are popular, and what information most appreciated. Finally, we keep the site fresh with new content, new images, and new features.

The following image shows the result of this campaign. SEO success using the best methods to become the highest-ranked Google search result.

Google search results on