Hate Math, Love Design?

I love math because when it’s right, you know it’s right. There’s no guesswork involved. In school I knew when I aced an exam (and when I bombed) the moment I turned the test in. It seems counter-intuitive, but design is the same way. You can look at a design project and you just know if it is right or wrong. Apparently God wired our brains in this way. We would never notice how mathematically “right” the petals of a flower are, or the wings of a dragonfly, or the spiral of a nautilus, but somehow we just know . . . they’re right. Of course, you might see this as mathematicians ruining a perfectly simple bit of creation . . .


Naturally, Good Design Matters

When we take time to pay attention to the natural beauty around us it’s hard not to be humbled by the creative genius behind it all. Have you ever wondered about the importance of the design?

hummingbird in Belize

It occurs to me that every animal, bird, insect, flower, and marketing manager has the same primary goal . . . to get noticed! Blending in among competitors is not an option. Every aspect of design has to be considered—color, contrast, position, size, shape, positive and negative space, light and shadow, movement, context, etc. And when we see a hummingbird, halfway along its 1,000-mile migration, stop for a nectar break, it’s clear the design of that flower made a difference.

Naturally, good design matters.


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