Innov8iv Design does amazing work! From our Website to our Presentations to our Advertising, every piece carries a common thread, is uniquely designed and looks fantastic!

Too often design work all comes out looking the same… BORING. But, IDI incorporates excellent graphics and unique design shapes to make our pieces really stand out. We have used them on over 20 projects so far, and look forward to working with them on every project that comes up in the future. They are quick, responsive, and most importantly, CREATIVE!

United Agencies is very pleased with the work that Innov8iv Design does for us, and we recommend them to all of our friends!

—Jeff Gelineau
United Agencies Burbank

legal services

We are extremely happy with the level of service we receive from Innov8iv Design Inc. Our site is tailored and designed to reflect our business and be attractive to our clients, and we were given a great deal. The designers are top notch and possess seriously amazing skills. They took care of everything from designing our logo to helping us decide what goes where. I've not found a better company with more prompt and personal service and attention to detail.

At first, we thought the price was a little high because we had paid much less to amateurs in the past. But, once the site was completed, we realized that there is a huge difference between the work of professionals and that of amateurs and now it feels like we underpaid!

—Jesse Lansing, V.P.
Quick Search International

economics research

My job is to present complicated economic information as clearly and simply as possible. For 15 years, Innov8iv Design has been an extremely valuable partner in this quest. They offer creative solutions for a visually-oriented audience that help to reinforce the message. The fact they are accurate, timely, and great fun to work with are very pleasant bonuses.

—Kermit Baker, Ph.D.
Chief Economist
The American Institute of Architects

surety bonds

I was very pleased with the end product from IDI. I knew exactly the message I wanted to convey in my website. Not only did they hit the nail on the head, but Steve reminded me on several occasions that I was getting off track. He knew the message I wanted to convey better then me. His suggestions, big and small, contributed to a website I am proud of.

—Shawn Blume
Stong Surety

medical billing

Great Results, High Integrity, Creative. Steve [IDI] has worked for me in two different scenarios. They created the logo for my business which was very clever in capturing the meaning of the name and putting it in a visual format. Secondly, they created the web site for a non-profit foundation on whose board I serve. We have received accolades for our site not only for its visual appeal, but for its functionality. IDI abounds in the creative genius you expect in a graphics/web design company, but they also possess the sound business acumen and practicality that you need in the profession.

—Kyle Tucker
Dexios Corporation

national association

IDI has been of invaluable assistance to us over the past eight years in helping to conceive and execute a wide range of communications and branding strategies. Whether the job was to redesign our magazine or website, create our Corporate Identity Standards, or develop a multi-media presentation for a trade show, IDI has consistently developed creative, attractive, and effective products that were completed on time and within our budget. I feel that they genuinely understand and care about our organization’s mission—and that that is reflected in the quality and efficacy of the work they produce for us. I can say with great enthusiasm that I look forward to working with them in the months and years to come.

—Steve Larkin, President
—Steve Gardner, Vice President of Communications
—John Simpson, Director of Communications
The Aluminum Association


For more than 10 years, Innov8iv Design has done innumerable projects for the Trust, ranging from brochures, advertisements, electronically-presented research papers, banners and posters, to the new website and electronic newsletter. They are always insightful and creative at problem-solving as well as coming up with new ideas. As important, Steve and his team are always pleasant and congenial to work with and make themselves available for questions, ideas, and issues as they arise. On behalf of the AIA Trust, I highly recommend Innov8iv Design for any of your corporate design needs.

—Ann P. Casso
Executive Director
AIA Trust

mining and manufacturing

An out-of-the box product needed an out-of-the box logo! When Cytec was launching a revolutionary new product technology into the Alumina industry, it needed a new logo that also reflected it’s unique advantages. After working through the concept with the IDI designers, they were able to provide a range of very solid yet innovative alternative concepts that captured the message. From these, we worked with IDI to develop the final design that was used to brand the product launch. IDI was able to provide the creative design help we needed that contributed to a successful launch.

—Paul Gould
PMO Director, Innovation
Cytec Industries Inc.


I knew when I first talked to Steve about developing my author website that his team would be right for the project. They carefully considered all the needs and variables, including the fact that I needed to frequently change/update site content. The custom design they came up with is unique, visually impressive and functions perfectly to my needs as an author. I couldn't be happier with it.

—Kit Wilkinson
Protector's Honor, LIS Sept. '09
Sabotage, LIS June 2010

information technology

I found Innov8iv Design while looking for an agency to help us with the overall design of TestFreaks. Five companies did a pitch with early drafts and when we saw what Innov8iv Design had done and how well they understood our design brief the choice was easy for us. Working with them was easy and they understood well what we wanted to achieve with our site and helped us take our ideas one step further.

—Stefan Svensson
Wiral Internet Group AB
Stockholm, Sweden


As a visual artist, I wanted my first website to make a strong, creative statement about me and my work, as well as appeal to my target market. Working with Steve at IDI was like getting my taxes done: take files full of receipts to the accountant and say, “here—work your magic, make sense of this”—then get a refund cheque in the end. The files were digital in this case, but magic still happened: IDI took the text and photos together I threw at them and put it all together in a distinctive, high quality website where I could showcase my work. The result was even better than a tax refund—within three months I was contacted by a well-known Toronto gallery with an offer of representation. I couldn't be happier.

—Celia Sage

supplement manufacturing

Overall, we think the site looks great! We are very excited about it. . . . We love the up and down feature! The navigation is also simple and easy to understand.

—Patty Daviet
Solgar Brand Communications Manager

association publishing

As managing editor of AIArchitect, the flagship publication of the American Institute of Architects, I worked with Steve Walker and IDI for 14 years. I have never ceased to marvel at their amazing level of performance and their ability to get the job done, no matter what the job turned out to be, during week after week of publication.

To describe IDI, I would choose four special attributes: problem-solving ability, design-oriented presentation, dedication to customer service, and unwavering integrity, which, to me, is perhaps both most important and IDI’s most defining characteristic. They do what they say they will do. It will be done on time. They make sure you get your money’s worth and then some.

—Stephanie Stubbs, Assoc. AIA,
Former managing editor, AIArchitect

association publishing

As executive editor of the American Institute of Architect’s national news publication, AIArchitect, I have had the pleasure of working with Innov8iv Design Inc. for many, many years. I think the story that best describes the can-do/will-do firm culture is that of a rather abrupt change we faced in 2000, when budgetary constraints meant we could no longer afford the costs of mailing a printed periodical to the AIA’s 75,000 members. IDI was able to turn on a dime and convert the print publication they were designing for us monthly into an on-line periodical and do it within the space of one month. From the readers’ perspective, the transition was seamless, and AIArchitect suddenly became a weekly Web presence, with the front page and article links going directly to members via e-mail—an elegant solution to a complex and perplexing problem. In the years since, no technological or logistical dilemma has come up that the Innov8iv Design team could not resolve. To please our audience of architects, it has also helped that they're great designers as well.

—Douglas E. Gordon, Hon. AIA